New trailers and teasers from VGA 2011

So, the Video Game Awards 2011 is over and like the shows in the past, the event was covered in new trailers from sequels to new ip’s. It is kind of strange that this event has become the no. 1 place to reveal new games, but this year holds no difference; a lot of new and exclusive game trailers were shown and of course the winners of each category were announced.

Here is the overview:


It has been a few years since Hideo Kojima and Konami announced this game and a lot of excitement was built, especially due to the 360 exclusivity. After witnessing how cool Raiden was in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, I’ve been very excited to see what this game could become. The game has been renamed from Metal Gear Solid: Rising and I guess the new name could indicate a new ip line of the series? The game certainly looks a bit different from what we’ve been used to when “stealthing” around with Snake, but with a new name and new main character – it should be different – let’s hope – for the best.



So this game was just hinted a few weeks ago and a lot of buzz was building. I guess since Borderlands and Fallout the whole post-apocalyptic environments are quiet popular, but this particular art style features a more “nature-rich” set piece with trees and green areas are mixed with big buildings from a deserted big city. Reminds me a bit of Enslaved. The big reveal was also the announcement of the developer, Naughty Dog. Famous for Uncharted, Crash Bandicoot and Jax and Daxter – this game company has become one of the top contenders the last couple of years and they have become very keen on making hollywood like experiences, with a huge focus on cinematic cut-scenes and playable levels. It seems face animations from Uncharted 3 has also been a big focus. This new ip certainly fits the above focus points and it even looks like the same engine from Uncharted 3. Looks very cool indeed.



Ok, everybody knows about this game. It’s the worlds most popular dungeon crawler and a huge deal developed by famous Blizzard. Besides the Warcraft and Starcraft series, Diablo is a big deal and fans have been waiting for about 10 years for this game. Even though Blizzard isn’t known for announcing release dates – speculation leads to a Q1 2012 release. The game has been running beta’s for a while now and since the game is also due for consoles, this could be very big next year. I’ve personally been waiting for a “triple-a” dungeon crawler on the consoles – this could certainly be it!



Ok another big RPG/action game. Third time around this could be the big finale of the series and I guess this ip has a lot of fans waiting to try out either the female or male version of Shepard. I have a huge respect for Bioware and a lot of excitement for this 3rd game in the series – reports also reveal a multiplayer feature in the game and from the looks of it, it seems even more action orientated than its predecessors – looking a bit like a Gears of War RPG in space.



So, finally Epic reveals a new ip since Infinity Blade and it looks rather interesting. The game seems to feature a very cartoonish look – a bit Team Fortress a like? Also, the below video could also hint a bit of Tower Defense elements – a “fort” being protected from zombies at “nite”? More trailers should soon reveal some gameplay, for now – check out this teaser trailer.



So, Tom Clancy games and Ubisoft are a big deal. Ghost Recon and Rainbow six amongst others have also been very military true and the stories and technology have always been a few years ahead of our current time, which always lead to a semi-future arsenal of weapons and military technology. Whilst Ghost Recon have been focusing on troops in war scenarios, Rainbow Six has been more special units and freeing hostages. Both scenarios are cool, but this time around, it seems like Ubisoft are aiming more towards a contemporary terrorist scenario and reports indicate gameplay situation with hard choices and moral dilemmas. Certainly looks cool.



For me – this is definitely one of the most anticipated games of 2011. Ever since Bioshock 1, Irrational Games, have been pulling a lot of attention. Published by 2K games this game could easily be on of the top contenders for Game of the Year 2012. If you’ve ever played the Bioshock series, you know that the art style and environments are in top detail and the whole feeling of being in another world are very much real. Ken Levine and his team has really proven themselves again, by the looks of the trailers and teasers released so far, and this new trailer holds the attention with a firm grip. Set in the sky in the city of Columbia featuring a very specific art style and great story telling – this game seems worth the hype.


Besides the above, a lot of other game trailers were shown, here amongst from Hitman Absolution, Command & Conquer Generals 2, Transformers Fall of Cybertron, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Tony Haws Pro Skater HD, Amazing Spiderman.


3 thoughts on “New trailers and teasers from VGA 2011

  1. Super Excited…. The best time of the year!! My First impression are with no doubt The last of us…. But my eyes are on all them ;))

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  3. Bioschock gave me the gooze!
    Look´s like we got a hmmm perhaps a better rival (meant for you) Epic games=)
    looking forward to the last of us! and Alan wake up 2=)
    goddamn expensive man! but then again it is all worth it!

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